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Asphalt Repair

"Efficient and Reliable Asphalt Repair Services for Lasting Roadway Solutions"

Asphalt repair in Utah is inevitable, because no matter how high the quality of your asphalt, over a certain amount of time all surfaces become damaged. There are many factors involved: fluids from vehicles, exposure to weather, the sheer weight of vehicles etc. Once asphalt is damaged, it’s important to repair it promptly before the damage gets worse. Preventative maintenance repairs can save you tens of thousands or dollars. Whatever asphalt repairs you need, you can rely on 801-ASPHALT to provide the highest quality work using the best materials possible. With over 30 years of field experience, we give an honest assessment of your needs and offer professional recommendations to get your pavement back to “like-new” condition.


There may be nothing more annoying for a driver – much less for the owner of the asphalt surface – than potholes. No matter where you live, potholes are simply a fact of life. Eventually, you’re bound to be faced with this problem due to weather conditions and day-to-day wear and tear on the asphalt surface. The Utah Geological Survey even did a “Glad You Asked” piece on potholes in Utah.  The experts at 801-ASPHALT will make sure your potholes are repaired quickly and permanently.


Cracks in asphalt surfaces are very common. They’re usually caused by water and other fluids seeping under asphalt, weakening the surface. Once it’s weakened, cracks can form quickly. Just as is the case with any other type of damage, cracks in asphalt need to be repaired quickly. 801-ASPHALT uses only the best quality materials to make sure your cracks are sealed and your asphalt surface is looking like new again.


Sometimes a completely new asphalt surface isn’t necessary at all. A technique called resurfacing can repair damaged blacktop paving, leaving it looking as good as when the surface was originally paved. Our paving experts will start by making minor repairs to the existing surface, then apply a new layer of asphalt to the original surface.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Although we’re proud of the asphalt repair work our professionals do on many different types of surfaces, it’s important to remember that the surface won’t last forever. Eventually, it will probably need to be replaced. That’s the reality. But until that time, repairs are a good and cost-efficient way to temporarily resolve the problem.

Professional Asphalt Repair Utah

Don’t let just any contractor handle your asphalt repair project. Always choose a professional contractor, like the experts at 801-ASPHALT We have many, many years of combined experience to offer our customers. We use only the finest materials and the highest quality of work possible, all at an affordable price. Call us today!

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